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"… Twenty-eight…"

You grind desperately against the pillows, your clit throbbing wildly as you whimper. Just a little bit more, God, please, please… You feel it approaching. That mind-blowing, head-spinning orgasm you so badly crave.

"… Twenty-nine…"

Please, please, fuck, please, just a little more, God, God… You can already feel your sore thighs waiting to start shaking, the scream that comes to your throat as pleasure makes your every nerve go wild. The way your pussy will contract, your breath will hitch, pleasure shooting through your trembling body so wildly that you think you’ll pass out from the intensity of it.

"Thirty. You lose."

And the next sound that escapes you is a tortured wail as you know you can’t hump the pillow any longer. You failed to cum in thirty seconds, again. You know what it means, don’t you? I can see it in your pleading eyes. One more week without a single touch to your sore, sensitive pussy, then another week of daily teasing, edging, torturing, begging, begging, begging relentlessly…

Maybe then you’ll want it bad enough to actually cum the way I tell you to, my little slut. Just wait until you see the new toy I bought to tease you with next week…

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